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New Day, New Opportunities!

Creative energy is the purest expression of someone's soul. It is the unique essence and frequency of each individual.

Every single day is an exciting time to recognize the endless possibilities with the blank state that’s been gifted and is before us. Each new day, we are met with opportunities to envision the experiences we want to create through practices like journaling or creating a vision board to design the lives we wish to experience.

One of our favorite quotes is by Jon Acuff, “Be brave enough to be bad at something new.” For us, this sentiment encompasses the energy of the new year, and is what has inspired this invitation to you.

We invite you to become friends with your Inspired Mind. To explore the deep recesses of your creativity, and to bring forth beauty to this world through a new medium or channel you have yet to explore. By being open to new experiences, we can discover new passions and ways of expressing ourselves.

Our role as a creator is to become a vessel for art to flow through us. It's not about creating it from the space of “the DOing,” but becoming the receiver to it from a space of BEing. By letting go of the need to be perfect and embracing the journey, we can create art and bring beauty into the world in our own unique way. Whether it’s music, dance, film, poetry, sculpting, app designing or accounting - whatever our unique expression, create the ability to take the action that feels aligned, and turn it into tangible form.

This is Art, and we are all Artists.


We want to recognize your creativity and celebrate your unique expression!

Share a social post with us showing what you are inspired to explore and create in the coming year. Tag us @SurrenderedArtist_org and use the hashtags #InspiredMind and #SurrenderedArtist for a chance to be featured on our social pages or in an upcoming newsletter as a "Featured Creative."

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