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Sunday, October 10th
12pm PST | 3pm EST

Join Surrendered Artist’s Journaling For Joy, a FREE 60 minute online class designed to equip children and teenagers with the tools and understanding of how to use writing to heal, and create more joy in your life.

Surrendered Artist’s mission is to educate people as to the power of Art as a Technology for processing the emotional experience you are having - in real time. When we equip people, especially young people, on how to use art to deal with whatever emotions or difficulties that they are experiencing, then we've given them a very powerful tool to handle anything that happens in life.

With a society built on a content economy designed for numbing out or providing distracted dopamine hits - it takes courage to feel in today’s day and age. We want to help ensure that the next generation of leaders knows how to handle any difficulties that life may throw their way.

This fun and upbeat writing class is hosted by world renowned speaker, Adam Roa. Adam is a conscious artist, filmmaker, poet, inspirational speaker, and was listed by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers to Watch in 2019″. Adam shares the positive message of Self Love and his poems have been viewed more than 250 million times.



What to bring: 


Pen or Pencil

Papers, Notebook or Journal

(optional) Colored Pencils or Markers

This class is for ALL AGES and we encourage parents to participate with your children or teenagers!

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Unlock Your Inner Artist 

Inside each of us is an artist waiting to shine.

Surrendered Artist founder, Adam Roa, shares how you can unlock your inner artist in a simple yet really powerful course that has helped him reach millions throughout his own career. 

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Adam has broken down the creative process into 4 steps that you can utilize immediately and start your creative journey today.

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Step 4: Spout it Out 

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